Vauhti HFC9 Powder +10°...-4°C, 30g

hfC-9 Fluor Powder +10⁰…-4⁰C/50...25⁰F Conditions: all snow types, from wet snow conditions up to -4 degrees. Note! At -3...-4⁰C, best at old or artificial snow, and when humidity is over 90%.
Temperature: +10°...-4°C
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Application Example 1:

Use HF or LF wax, suitable for the snow type and humidity, as a base wax. Brush the base wax layer carefully and well with a nylon brush. To ensure a thorough brushing, finish off with a brass or steel brush. The importance of base wax brushing is emphasized in zero and wet conditions. Polish the base with a nylon brush before applying powder.

Apply the powder with an iron, recommended iron temperature 170-180⁰C . Let the skis cool down and gently scrape off the excess powder with a dull scraper. Start brushing with a steel brush, a few strokes from tip to tail. Remove the brushing dust and continue with a nylon brush. In wet conditions with surface suction, finish off the surface with a steel, brass or powder brush. It is important to brush the ski structure "open" in all snow conditions - but it is extremely important on wet snow and mild winter temperatures. All fluor powders are soft coating products and in order to get the maximum benefit out of them, make sure that too much powder is not left on the skis. Note! The skis should be completely cooled down before brushing - cool the skis off outside if necessary. If the powder is still slightly warm it is possible that brushing will only remove some of the powder, and some may be rubbed back into the ski with the brush.

Application Example 2 with Double Ironing:

Apply the fluor powder, and iron in as above. Let the skis cool down, and brush the powder "up" (not away) using short back and forth strokes, leaving the brushing dust on the surface of the ski base. Iron in the brushing dust. If only a little dust is brushed up, add another fine layer of fluor powder before ironing it again. The powder will melt quicker than on the first time, therefore move the iron a little faster. Let the skis cool down completely and finish off as in Example 1. Ironing the powder twice ensures the fluor powder is spread evenly on the whole glide zone. It makes waxing lighter and its moisture resistance is improved. Both of the waxing techniques are widely used.

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