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Vauhti LF455 LF Glider Graphite 0°...-25°C, 90g

A glider for dry and extreme cold temperatures. In this glider, the green wax has been hardened further with graphite, which makes the wax work well in very low temperatures and humidity. This wax forms a very dense and shiny surface on the ski, and we do not recommend using this product alone as a top coat when the humidity is high. We recommend finishing fluor graphite glider with a steel brush. An excellent base wax for fluor coatings. Also suitable for finishing the base preparation of new skis. The series include an extremely hard green and graphite glider for low humidity and very cold temperatures. Suitable top coating for competitive junior skiers. Package size: 40g and 90g.
Temperature: 0°...-25°C
Packaging: 0.090 kg
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