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Maplus GM Med Boost Powder, -2°C...-9°C, 25g

Fluor free powder boost for racing.
Packaging: 0.025 kg
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Fluor free powder boost for racing. Use for all type of snow, new and transformed, artificial and natural, with snow temperature from -9°C to -2°C. Performancing use with air humidity between 50% and 90%. Use hot application with the waxing iron at 160°C. It’s recommended to overlap GM BOOST on GM BASE Solid or Gel.
​Temp -2 /-9°C
Humidity 50 / 90%
Iron 160°C
1. Spread powder wax evenly on the ski base;
2. Melt the wax passing the waxing iron from the tip to the tail at recommended temperature of 160°C; move the iron at a constant speed (nearly 3 cm per second);
3. Wait at least few minutes for the ski wax to harden and the ski base to cool down;
4. If necessary, remove the excess of melted wax with a sharpened plexy scraper with gentle pressure;
5. Free the ski base structure with manual soft brass brush;
6. Brush the ski base with manual or roto hard horsehair brush;
7. Brush the ski base with manual or roto soft nylon brush;
8. Polish the ski base with 12 mm merino wool roller.
GM BOOST Powder are recommended to be overlapped on GM BASE Solid or Gel
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